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No Better Option Than Our Land Clearing Team

Land clearing requires more than a feeble wooden ax. Land clearing is not only dangerous and physically demanding but complex in all its totality. To successfully clear a lot, hire OMC Lawn & Tree Services LLC. We are replete with fully tested and reliable bulldozers, excavators, stump grinders and tree pruners. Hiring our land clearing specialists is a safe, easy and affordable way for you to get your project moving and completed on schedule. Hiring us guarantees that all obstructions, from trees and shrubs to boulders, are cleared to begin your development.

What to Expect From Your Land Clearing Service

Clearing land encompasses several parts. In order to prepare a multi-acre land for a construction site development, we remove vegetation and trees that get in the way of our client’s vision. At OMC Lawn & Tree Services LLC, we will:

  • Assess your land to determine a plan
  • Consult with you on a timeline and budget
  • Safely remove vegetation and large rocks
  • Eliminate shrubs and trees
  • If needed, we will break up soil
  • Fill any holes to repurpose any parts of land

Our land clearing team serving the state of Texas delivers safe, thorough and professional service. Overgrown vegetation not only disrupts development but can put your company or your new home in danger should you decide to leave it there. Count on our land clearing professionals in Corpus Christi to set the foundation for your next project. We use state-of-the-art equipment to efficiently perform your land clearing service.

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